The Tian He Retreat is operated and owned by Tian He Pty Ltd, originally established in Sydney, Australia in 2002.

Who We Are

The Retreat originates from the surrounding villages, bringing the local charm and traditional hospitality of Yellow Mountain. In addition to the highest standards hospitality management, we share a commitment to learning about the interests of our guests, and introducing them to the unique culture of Yellow Mountain.

Our Mission

To be a source of inspiration for our guests, through the beauty of our surroundings, the quality of our service, and the sustainability of our business practices.

Our Vision

To be consistently recognized as a model tourism facility in China by offering superior value and an authentic experience to guests. Our work also contributes to the prosperity of Yellow Mountain by creating opportunities for local people, and offering a deep appreciation for their culture and history to all those who visit us.

Our Core Values

Environmental Preservation - meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Teamwork - supporting one another as a family, focusing on the common goal of delighting our guests

Integrity - being who we say we are, keeping our promises and being honest in all communication

Courage - taking a stand for one another and against practices not in line with our values

Local Community Support - Investing in the education and welfare of people from our neighboring villages